Rad Mission Ebike with Extended Range Battery


This Rad Mission mid-step in orange is a good running bike, all tuned up and included a large Rad battery, larger than the one that came with it. The reason price is lower is because the paint is faded. Accepts all the standard Rad accessories like racks and baskets. Serial number is: MS1G20V0599

Included Accessories:

  • Extended range Rad battery
  • Abus chain lock
  • Rad charger and key

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The lightest weight model in our lineup, the RadMission is a slick, stylish single-speed electric hybrid bike. Old-school cyclists love the ride-feel, similar to a road bike, while apartment-dwellers relish the ability to lift it up multiple flights of stairs. Rad stopped making this bike last year, which means these awesome lightweight city bikes are getting harder to find!