Lectric XP Trike Folding eBike


When you buy from me, you get:

  • Test bike in person in Northeast Portland OR
  • Bike Setup: assembled, tested, torqued to spec, tires inflated, box disposal
  • Full Lectric warranty
  • Receive any free accessories that Lectric is currently offering
  • Same price as Lectric charges, plus my $75 Setup Fee
  • I also offer delivery in and around Portland OR for $50

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The Lectric XP™ Trike is the ultimate eXPerience for all. It accommodates a wide range of abilities and preferences with our lowest standover height ever of just 13.8 inches. As the industry’s first fully foldable and fully assembled electric tricycle, The XP™ Trike includes the award-winning features our XP™ series eBikes demonstrate, plus a bigger battery, hydraulic brakes, and a third wheel. A sturdy rear hub motor setup with a differential axle provides a whopping 65NM of torque – accommodating even the heftiest of payloads without a problem.