Why Buy from Me

I sell lightly used eBike that I refurbish to new condition. I go through all the ebikes I sell with this 20 point inspection and tune up, then I perform a detailed cleaning and lube; so you can rest assured your bike will be in tip top condition. I am also available to answer any of your questions and perform upgrades.

eBike Tuneup Checklist

  • Adjust brakes and clean rotors
  • Check bolt torques, especially on wheels
  • Check for missing zip ties, especially at motor cable
  • Check and adjust gears
  • Lubricate chain, derailleur and seat stem
  • Check neck and stem bolts
  • Adjust and test lights
  • Adjust brake levers and screen angles
  • Adjust handlebar grips rotation
  • Test motor and all PAS levels
  • Clean chain, gears, wheels, frame
  • Touch up scratches
  • Pump up tires, check they hold air
  • Check battery and charger
  • Check accessories tightness
  • Check wheel torque washer bolt tightness
  • Check pedals tightness
  • tighten crank bolts
  • tighten caliper bolts
  • tighten brake cable pinch bolt