Tesla Yoke Steering Wheel Upgrade


I offer Tesla Yoke steering wheel upgrades for the Model 3 and Model Y years 2017-2022 with airbag remover holes on both sides of steering wheel. (message me to be sure!) This is the Yoke with Nappa Leather type texture and heated option, also works for car without heated steering wheel option. This is done by removing your current steering wheel and then extracting the parts, airbag, controls, and horn, and cover which are then transplanted into the new Yoke style frame. The new yoke frame is “leather” wrapped and stitched same as the stock Tesla OEM yoke. Price includes parts and labor. I offer come-to-your-house service for an extra $50.


  • Ergonomic design suitable for long-time driving
  • Racing-inspired aerodynamics and style
  • The material is breathable and wear-resistant. The grip is anti-oxidation, non-slip, making your driving and steering smoother and easier
  • One of the main benefits of this type of steering is a clearer view of the car’s gauges and the panorama outside the windshield
  • Compatible with all USA Tesla Model 3 models / Model Y 2017-2023


Note: This Yoke steering wheel has a heater, but it will work only if your Tesla has original heating function, otherwise the heater will not work, but you still could use it as a normal steering wheel without heater.