Lectric XPedition Cargo eBike

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When you buy from me, you get:

  • Test bike in person in Northeast Portland OR
  • Bike Setup: assembled, tested, torqued to spec, tires inflated, box disposal
  • Full Lectric warranty
  • Any free accessories that Lectric is currently offering
  • Same price as Lectric charges, plus my $75 Setup Fee
  • I also offer delivery in and around Portland OR for $50

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The Lectric XPedition has been our most capable eBike to date. This cargo eBike was designed to be the ultimate transportation solution, allowing riders to tackle even the most daunting of hills while holding up to 450lbs. The XPedition is perfect for a wide variety of riders ranging from parents taking their kids to school, to delivery drivers needing to cover 150 miles on a charge. Our all-new Lectric PWR™ programming paired with a 1,310W peak motor and dual-battery setup option makes for a truly robust and enjoyable riding experience. Whatever your transportation needs, the Lectric XPedition is ready to take on the experience with you!